The midibus: a practical and comfortable vehicle

A vehicle for every occasion

At Autocars Riba Gorina we know how important it is to adapt to the needs of our customers. Each trip, each type of service and each trip must be made according to their characteristics. For this reason, we have a vehicle for every occasion (minibus, midibus, bus…)

Among the whole of our fleet, the normal midibus and the supra stand out. And no, we are not wrong to write the word “midibus” nor are we confusing it with “minibus”. In fact, the midibus is a bus of medium size and capacity (between 8 and 11 meters). It can transport more people than the minibus or minibus because of its larger size, but, generally, its transport capacity is lower than that of the standard bus. Therefore, its size and intermediate capacity between the minibus and bus, receives this name.

Below we take a look at the most outstanding features of this type of vehicle. Surely when you finish reading this article, you will be an expert of the midibus!

Midibus and supine midibus: how different are they?

In Riba Gorina Autocares we have a normal midibus and a supra. At least, both share general characteristics such as capacity (from 35 to 55 passengers) or wifi. Now, there are some differences that must be known between both.

The supra stands out above normal thanks to the technological innovations it includes. Innovations that respond to the customer’s and driver’s meals, among which stand out: acoustic isolation, integral suspension, front view and reversing camera and double side windows, among others. Another of the remarkable aspects of the above are its leather seats. It is a comfort element that aims to ensure the comfort and well-being of the client along the way.

Either way, both the normal and the above are ideal to meet your needs when it comes to traveling as a group. Do you dare to try them?

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